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Whether surface of subsea, conventional or unconventional, Master Flo's superior valve design, expertise in custom trim and material selection for your application, life-of field flow management expertise and commitment to service are relied on to provide critical flow control in all service types.

Surface Chokes

Master Flo partners with customers to provide life-of-field solutions that lower costs, optimize production and increase the value of your flow management investment. With over 100,000 choke valves manufactured, Master Flo valves can be found in every major oil and gas field in the world. This has given them the knowledge and experience to provide innovative solutions to the increasingly complex challenges customers face.

Master flo products and solutions are proven in virtually all production applications in every major oil and gas field in the world

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High Pressure, High Temperature

Enhanced Solutions for abrasive and produced sand and applications 

Production Optimization

Injection Applications

Lower Cost of Ownership & Increased Up-Time

Low-Power Consumption Actuation

Enhanced Safety and Regulatory Compliance Low noise

Offshore topside applications

Corrosion control

Master-Flo’s extensive experience partnering with customers to deliver offshore topside solutions around the world has enabled them to develop unparalleled expertise in offshore corrosion control.​

Weight and Space Optimization​

Whether in an onshore facility or on an offshore platform, Master Flo collaborates with customers to meet application-specific weight and size requirements.​

High Pressure, High Temperature Service​

Master Flo choke valves are field-proven around the world to deliver reliable flow management in high-temperature and high-pressure service, and in both surface and subsea applications.​

Increased Up-Time & Lower Cost of Ownership​

Master Flo's superior control of erosion, corrosion and cavitation, along with the experience to match your application and service with the right trim options, materials and sizing, delivers increased up-time and lower maintenance and replacement costs.​

Low Power Consumption Actuation​

Master Flo low-power consumption actuation solutions provide reliable flow control of applications both onshore and offshore.​

Enhanced Safety and Regulatory Compliance​

Master Flo has extensive experience helping customers meet increasingly strict regulations concerning safety, noise, and other areas.​

Production applications

Master Flo continues to be a pioneer in high temperature, high pressure flow management technology. 

Our active Research and Development programs continue to push the limits and set new standards for choke valves in high temperature, high pressure production and injection applications.​

High temperature service from up to 800°F.

API 6A compliant product for up to 20,000 psi working pressure.

SAGD products for injection and production applications.

Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) and other thermal applications.

Emerging high temperature, high pressure applications.

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